Smarter alts data management starts with Canoe

Learn why leading firms choose Canoe to unlock efficiencies in their alternative investment processes.

The Path To Scaling Your Alts

Automate document and data management

Streamline your alts document collection and data extraction process driven by AI & machine learning, allowing you to scale the growth of your firm.

Access deeper data sets with better data quality

You're only as good as your data. Gain deeper insights and better data quality by eliminating the time-consuming heavy lifting and potential for human error.

Scale your business with actionable insights

Modernize your data workflows to scale your business by getting faster, cleaner, more reliable data from your alternative investments with Canoe.


How Canoe Automates Your Alts Data Workflow

By automating your alternative investment processes with Canoe, you can have clean, reliable data while skipping the manual and error-prone workflows. Learn about each step in our process below.



What Our Clients are Saying

"We’ve experienced a 20x increase in the number of funds processed by each full-time employee, with additional efficiencies expected in the future." Head of Client Account Services at Hamilton Lane
"We’ve made a concerted effort in the last two years to improve our processes through technology and automation. Canoe automates the document collection process which saves countless hours that can be used more efficiently." Manager, Investment Operations at USC Investment Office
"[Canoe's API has] really made it a lot easier for us to leverage the power of Canoe but within the context of our own applications." Director, Information Systems at Prime Buchholz
"Canoe technology enabled us to take a fresh look at our downstream processes and identify opportunities for automation and efficiencies. This process re-imagination is well-aligned with our intense focus on enabling our employees, clients, and the industry at large to better leverage data when making investment decisions." Chief Technology Officer at GCM Grosvenor


AUA across clients


funds covered


data points extracted


documents processed

FAQ's About Canoe

What are the key benefits of Canoe?

Automated document collection and centralized storage: Quickly and securely collect documents from email inboxes, portals and store all in one convenient location.

Track documents and receive alerts: Automatically track all documents from your GPs and configure alerts to action important documents immediately.

Control workflows and leverage more data: Enable full transparency and unlock data for use across the organization; including cashflows and bank detail workflows.

Augment your team's productivity: Leverage Canoe to scale your operations staff and enable higher impact tasks.

What does the implementation process look like?

Implementation process: Our simple, straightforward onboarding and implementation process requires limited resources for our clients thanks to our robust fund master, ultimately giving our clients a faster time-to-value.

For more information the implementation process, please click here to learn more.

How does Canoe protect my data?

Data security: We have over 275 clients that trust us with their sensitive information. With that responsibility, we have implemented 8 layers of protection to ensure the safety and privacy of that data, including access controls, authentication, compliance with security standards, and more.

For more information on our data security practices, please click here to learn more.

Does Canoe connect to the systems I'm already using?
Partners & Integrations: We have a system-agnostic approach which allows us to maintain a healthy partnerships and integrations ecosystem, which includes our robust API and Snowflake integration.


Smarter alts data management starts with Canoe

See Canoe in action and start streamlining your alternative investment processes.


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